Best Steel for Reinforcement




According to Nepal National Building Code, High Strength Deformed Bars – Fe500: High strength deformed bars with fy =500 N/mm² and minimum elongation not less than 14.5% is the best preferred for the reinforcement specifications.

Jagdamba E is a Fe 500 Grade Earthquake Resistant Steel Rebar. It is the first and only of its kind of superior Steel Rebar available in Nepal and specially made for applications in earthquake resistant constructions. Jagdamba E Rebars conforms to Fe-500 Grade quality as per Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, NS:191 Certification and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), ISI Certification IS:1786:2008 and New Zealand Standards.




Table: Mechanical/ Physical properties of Jagdamba E TMT Bar


Particulars Jagdamba E Values

Fe500 Grade

NS:191 Standard

Yield stress – YS(N/mm2) ≥ 500£ 600
Tensile Strength – UTS (N/mm2) ≥ 575
UTS/YS ratio ≥ 1.15 £ 1.40
% Elongation 14.5%


Quality Advantage with JAGDAMBA E

  • Prime Billets imported from world renowned companies used as raw material in manufacturing of all range of Steel
  • Automated, Streamlined and Controlled manufacturing process to ensure highest quality standards of all the product
  • Automated and stringent physical and chemical quality testing of raw materials in during Pre-Production, of Products during Production and Post completion
  • Computerized Physical and Chemical Test Labs to ensure faster and accurate results, reducing any chances of human and manual
  • Computerized weighing and tamper proof labeling system to ensure right weight and quantity in each set/bundle.
  • Computerized delivery processing system for faster, efficient and timely
  • Easy availability through more than 1,500 retail outlets across
  • All products manufactured to stringent NS and IS Standards. Steel Rebars in Fe500 grades certified for quality by NS191 and BIS IS: 1786:2008 Certification.


Source: Nepal National Building Code, NBC 202:2015, Government of Nepal.