Board of Directors (BOD)


Mr. Shahil Agrawal, Chairman

Shahil Agrawal, an International Business graduate from Regent’s College Central London, UK, currently serves as the Managing Director at the Shanker Group of Companies, a well-known business conglomerate in Nepal. Under his guidance, Shahil Agrawal has greatly enlarged the family enterprise, turning it into one of Nepal’s foremost steel companies, and creating job opportunities for more than 10,000 individuals in the nation.

Mr. Agrawal initiated his professional journey in the steel manufacturing industry in Nepal, working within his family’s business. Over the course of more than ten years, he gained valuable experience in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, services, and trade. In addition to his business pursuits, he actively participates in numerous professional associations. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the youngest elected associate member and has served as the Chairman of the Bank, Finance & Insurance Committee at FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Industry and Commerce). He is also affiliated with various other organizations, including the Nepal Steels Rolling Mills Association (NSRMA), Noodles Association of Nepal, Soap Association of Nepal, Nepal Association of Automobiles, and the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI).

Shahil Agrawal has garnered significant recognition and accolades for his continuous and remarkable achievements, including the prestigious ‘Suprabal Janasewa Shree Padak’ awarded by the Rt. Honorable President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari. He was also honored with the Best Young Entrepreneur Award from the Birgunj Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Best Young Entrepreneur Award from “News 24,” and his appointment as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) by the Government of Nepal. Additionally, he has earned the Highest Quality award from the Nepal Standard Bureau for manufacturing the highest quality steel in Nepal. Mr. Agrawal also serves as the honorary consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Nepal and holds the position of Chapter Chair for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

His appointment to his current position is effective as of March 15, 2023 (2079-12-01).


Ms. Deepa Agarwal, Director

Ms. Deepa Agarwal is a dynamic and youthful entrepreneur with an extensive and illustrious career spanning over a decade in the realm of entrepreneurship. Her energy and passion are infectious, infusing new life into every venture she undertakes. Ms. Deepa is renowned for her remarkable skills in strategic alliance and human resources management. Her ability to identify and nurture talent, coupled with her knack for forging partnerships, has been instrumental in the success of various ventures.

Ms. Deepa’s expertise in business development projection is unparalleled. She possesses an innate ability to foresee opportunities and trends in the market, allowing her to steer her business towards growth and profitability. Her visionary approach to business ensures that her endeavors are not just thriving in the present, but also well-prepared for the future.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Ms. Deepa Agarwal brings a wealth of experience, innovative thinking, and a dynamic spirit that is invaluable to any organization fortunate enough to have her on board.

Her appointment to this current position is effective as of March 15, 2023 (2079-12-01).


Mr. Dipak Bansal, Director

Mr. Dipak Bansal is a highly accomplished and seasoned member of our Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of expertise to our organization. He holds a Chartered Accountancy qualification from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, awarded in Calcutta in February 1994. With over three decades of dedicated experience in the field of Finance and Accounting, Mr. Bansal has honed his skills to an exceptional level.

His career has been marked by exemplary service to major corporate houses in Nepal, where his financial acumen and strategic insights have made a significant impact. Mr. Bansal’s deep knowledge and extensive experience in financial matters make him an invaluable asset to our board, providing critical insights that drive sound financial decision-making and overall corporate success.

His appointment to his current position is effective as of March 15, 2023 (2079-12-01).


Ms. Upasana Poudel, Independent Director

Ms. Poudel is a distinguished professional who holds an MBA degree from Delhi University’s Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). With over a decade of professional experience, she has made significant contributions to the Insurance and Telecom sectors in the Indian and Nepalese markets. Notably, she served as the CEO of United Insurance, a non-life insurance company in Nepal. Her career encompasses a range of leadership roles in marketing, strategy, product development, underwriting, and technology across industry giants like Vodafone, ICICI Lombard, and Bharti AXA General Insurance in the Indian market. In her latest achievement, Miss Poudel has taken on the role of the newly appointed CEO of Himalayan Re, further solidifying her reputation as a capable and accomplished leader.

She commenced her current role on July 02, 2023 (2080-03-17), adding her valuable expertise to her organization’s leadership team.

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