JAGDAMBA E : Introduction

Since Nepal is located in Earthquake prone Zone, to address this concern in the safety of construction, after a exhaustive research and with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality Steel Rebars, Jagdamba Steel presents Jagdamba E Steel Rebar. Jagdamba E is a Fe 500 Grade Earthquake Resistant Steel Rebar. It is the first and only of its kind of superior Steel Rebar available in Nepal and specially made for applications in earthquake resistant constructions. Jagdamba E Rebars conforms to Fe-500 Grade quality as per Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, NS:191 Certification and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), ISI Certification IS:1786:2008 and New Zealand Standards.

Jadgamba E is highly recommended for applications in earthquake resistant constructions, be it home, commercial building or infrastructure projects. Since Nepal is highly prone to seismic risks, application of Jagdamba E Steel Rebar can help minimize the risks like damage to the RCC structures and thereby help save lives in case of an Earthquake due to its resistant features.

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