Jagdamba Super Shine – Perfect for Nepal

Are you indecisive regarding which sheet to choose for roofing? If yes, then Jagdamba Super Shine Premium AL-ZN Galvalume Sheet is the best solution for you. Yes! once installed Jagdamba Super Shine Galvalume sheet roofs can last for years without intensive maintenance. Moreover, advanced Galvalume colored zinc sheets are perfect for the all-weather and geography of the country.

The sheets are manufactured through advanced Galvalume line technology with electrolytic cleaning, NOF (Non-Ox) Furnace, in-line tension levelling equipment, and skin pass mill process. These sheets are not just eye-appealing, they are also safe to install and highly durable. Due to its durability, and low maintenance, Jagdamba Super Shine is preferred for diverse purposes from commercial buildings to residents.

It’s all products – Corrugation Sheets, Heritage Profile, H-Span Profile, and Ridge Cover are perfect for Nepal even where the weather fluctuates extremely.

Here are some other significant characteristics of highly advanced Super Shine that makes it perfect for all geography of Nepal:

Easy to transport:

Due to the availability of tailor-made shapes and super lightweight, Jagdamba Super Shine is very convenient to transport in any part of the country. Similarly, a Protective Guard Film applied to the sheet’s topcoat layer prevents possible damage during handling and storage.

Easy to clean:

Due to the unique design, dirt cannot be settled down over its surface and even a drizzle will flush out the surface. Similarly, its super shiny surface makes it easier to clean with minimum effort.

Easy to install:

Availability in tailor-made shapes, super lightweight, and convenient designs make Jagdamba Super Shine easy to install.


Jagdamba Super Shine has special corrosion protection which makes them resistant to environmental corrosion hence when the couple inches of adjacent Jagdamba Super Shine are overlapped during installation it gives 100 percent water protection.


Once installed properly, Jagdamba Super Shine will last for 3/4 years more than normal Galvanized Sheets. These sheets just need basic cleaning and care.

We have set a new benchmark of standard in Nepali steel industry. To further enhance our product and service, we initiated a campaign tiled “Jagdamba 7 ko Saath” which means “Jagdamba with 7 properties”. The campaign mainly focuses on our top qualities that gives validation to our customers that we are the best zinc sheet manufacturer in the nation. All seven features are described below:

Durable and Corrosion Resistance: Jagdamba Super Shine goes through acrylic coating which makes the sheets highly resistance to the corrosion. this anti corrosion technology doesn’t just prevent the rusting it also increases its durability.

Nation’s first Galvalume Line Technology: Jagdamba Super Shine is the first company in Nepal to adopt fully automated advance Galvalume Line Technology. This is the latest global technology that practices the advanced machinery processes.

Weather Protection: Whether its heavy rain or sizzling summer, Jagdamba super shine can withstand any kinds of weathers. Similarly, it reflects heat radiations and absorbs the remaining which gives both energy efficiency and protection from corrosion.

Strength: Jagdamba Super Shine are anointed with a special element which adds strength of the sheet without adding significant weight. likewise, this coating is flexible enough that it won’t crack or flake even when the sheets are bent or formed.

Superior Paint Technology: Jagdamba Super Shine is a premium color coated sheet that goes through the superior paint technology also known as REVERSE & FORWARD COATING METHOD and GFG Coates that provides additional protection for longer life to the sheets.

Stringent Quality Test: To ensure that the best products are distributed to the customers, Jagdamba Super Shine goes through more than 10 stringent quality tests i.e.: Physical and chemical test, 360 Degree Bending Test, Adhesion Test, Anti Finger Coating Test and Online Quality Inspections.

Guard Film Coating: 40-micron Protective Guard Film is applied to Jagdamba Supershine’s topcoat layer to prevent possible damage during handling and storage.

Why Jagdamba Super Shine Premium AL-ZN Galvalume Sheets are different from the rest?

Al-ZN Sheets have become one of the most sought-after types of sheets worldwide, and so in Nepal. Multi-purpose Jagdamba Super Shine Premium Al-ZN Sheets can be used for a plethora of purposes such as architecture, construction, automobile parts, and many more. These sheets are made via a rigorous process and go through number of stringent quality tests before being distributed. Some of the factors that make this product outstanding for any type of construction are:

Metal Combination:

Jagdamba Super Shine Premium Al-ZN Sheets are made up of 55% aluminum, 43.5 % zinc, and 1.5 silicon making it a highly durable and reusable sheet with the high anti-corrosion property.

Quality Test:

Jagdamba Super Shine goes through multiple quality tests to ensure that the best quality products are served to its customers. It goes through more than 10 stringent quality tests such as chemical tests, physical tests, 360-degree bending tests, adhesion tests, anti-finger coating tests, and online quality inspection. Likewise, it passes through salt spray tests and archives for more than 800 hours for corrosion tests. This range of rigorous tests makes Super Shine highly durable, strong enough to withstand any kind of weather condition.


Jagdamba Super Shine practices the globally accepted best manufacturing process known as galvalume line technology with electrolytic cleaning, NOF (Non-Ox) Furnace, in-line tension levelling equipment, and skin pass mill process. The line also consists of some chemical coater to coat the strip with some organic coating to prevent the strip from white rust.


Jagdamba Super Shine, premium color-coated sheets are anointed via super paint technology also known as reverse and forward coating method and GFG Coates. This process protects these sheets from cracking and peeling off paint and substantially increases the durability of sheets. The painting is so fine that even fingerprints are not marked on its surface.


Jagdamba Super Shine is available all across the country at retail hardware stores.

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