New Dimensions of Construction – Jagdamba Galva + and Jagdamba Super Shine (Milestone in the History of Nepal, Initiation of Third Country Export)


The Jagdamba Galva +, a premium aluminum-zinc coated sheet, also called galvalume, is an alloy coated product containing 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon by weight.

Jagdamba Super Shine is a premium Al-Zn Color Coated Sheet that is elegant and beautiful with same features as Galva+ coated with superior paint technology that provides additional protection for longer life. Jagdamba Galva+ is a new benchmark/ quality standard in the advanced roofing industry in Nepal created to protect metal (primarily steel) from oxidation using Al-Zn Coating. Therefore, aluminum is what differentiates Jagdamba Galva+ from normal Galvanized steel available in Nepalese market.

Jagdamba Steels is the first new Al-Zn coated product manufacturer of Nepal’s first fully automated advance Galvalume line manufacturing process. The manufacturing of Jagdamba Galva+ Sheets includes latest global technology and the best machinery process. Electrolytic Cleaning, NOF (Non-Ox) Furnace, In-Line Tension Levelling Equipment and Skin Pass Mill to name a few to ensure the highest level of safety, long life and beauty for your home.

The country’s leading steel producing company, Jagdamba Steels has started exporting domestic products to third countries for the first time in the Nepali industrial history. Jagdamba Steel products, Jagdamba Super Shine, and Galva + are in high demand in Romania, UAE, South Africa, North America, Italy, and Myanmar.

The primary benefit of Jagdamba Galva + is corrosion resistance. Jagdamba Galva+ comes with Anti – Corrosion Technology which is the result of ACRYLIC COATING done in Galva+ that prevents early corrosion of steel and substantially increases the life of the roof. Al-Zn coated Jagdamba Galva+ products offer superior corrosion resistance compared to other coating technologies making your roof last longer even in the harshest of weather conditions.

The coating is as strong and durable as the steel itself. The coating is flexible and will not crack or flake as the sheet metal is bent or formed. Jagdamba Galva Plus has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, high humidity, cold or snowy weather, and even hot weather. With appropriate insulation under the roof, you will reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

Jagdamba Super Shine, premium color-coated sheets, uses a superior paint technology in Jagdamba Galva+ that provides additional protection for longer life. The superior paint technology resists cracking and peeling even of paint. Ordinary paint from other companies starts fading very fast and in 1-2 years the roof starts looking dull and old. It ensures that the roof looks new for many years providing additional beauty to your house.

To ensure that the layers have been carefully crafted to ensure the best quality. A Protective Guard Film is applied to Jagdamba Supershine’s topcoat layer to prevent possible damage during handling and storage.

Jagdamba Galva Plus and Jagdamba Super Shine are produced through eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly production processes.

Multipurpose Galva Plus can be used in the construction of roofs, cladding, structural sections, panels, etc. It is also used in electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, toasters, microwaves, etc. Also used in other functions like air duct, lighting, computer casing, etc.

The gross production capacity of Galva Plus, and Super Shine are 132,000 tons per annum (0.35 / 1250), and 110,000 tons per annum (0.35/1250), respectively.